South Street Advisors employs an integrated investment approach driven by the firm's single-minded goal of achieving each client's rate of return objective at an appropriate level of risk. Portfolios are tailored to the client's financial requirements, rather than according to a predetermined investment policy. 

We believe our clients' return objectives can only be met by applying a consistent and disciplined approach to all phases of the investment process. The process is applied to the analysis of individual securities, and the strategic adjustment of asset allocation levels to current market conditions for common stocks, bonds and alternative investments. 

Our principals have developed an integrated process that projects returns over the same time horizon for each asset class. The process establishes specific risk parameters which must be met before an investment is made. 

We apply the same approach to individual securities, evaluating each company's financial metrics against peer group averages for equities, bonds and alternative investments. 

This approach enables South Street to adapt quickly to changing market circumstances, while at the same time balancing each client's return objective with his/her risk profile.